Cesia Kingston: A Short Story

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As I began to hear the testimony, I recalled all the various wars that have created us into what we are today. Brother against brother, kings that ruled the land, and dictators that overtook anything they desired. Survivors from various disasters have had a chance to let others hear and feel what they have gone through when they were younger like us. Cesia Kingston, one of the many survivors of the disastrous Holocaust, shares her many experiences throughout her life. Some too precious to forget, but others filled with pain and sorrow. Through every word Cesia spoke, they filled my thoughts like a wave, but at the same moment I remembered the times when pain and fear overtook me. “Mother, lets go!” “Schnell, Schnell, Schnell!” …show more content…

Grandma hasn’t walked for a year, and Cesia was desperate to keep her mother alive. “Please, leave me a little water, leave me a bible, and bread and I know God will help me,” remarked grandma. Cesia insisted that if grandmother wanted to stay behind, then let her be, but Cesia’s mom asked her, “Would you leave me?” “No never! You are my mother. I wouldn't leave you for anything!” “But she is my mother, what should I do with her?” Soon enough, Cesia’s mom began dressing grandma, a miracle happened. Grandma finally walked. For a year grandma couldn't walk and generally stayed in bed. However that day God allowed grandma to have a second opportunity to feel free. Though many innocents died without having the chance to smell freedom again, there have been survivors that have had the chance to openly describe their memories during the Holocaust to others. Each sentence, phrase, and word that the survivors expose through the testimony, are over and above powerful than anyone can imagine. It not only grabs you deep into another dimension, but it proves that no matter what religion, race, belief, or type of person you are, everyone's voice is powerful to change someone fully inside and outside… just like Cesia's

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