Cha Jung-Hee: Life Of Dean Porcher

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This documentary is about the life of Dean Porcher, also known as Cha Jung-Hee and Kang Ok Jun. She was born in South Korea and named Kang Ok Jun. After the war between South and North Korean, she was sent to an orphanage by her mother who had a hard time providing for her kids due to the economy. She was sent to America for adoption after having assumed the name of Cha Jung-Hee, who died right before her adoption, due to the orphanage director, who also told her to conceal who she is until when she is able to look after herself. After she arrived in America, she gradually opened up and found happiness with her adoptive family but gradually forgot who she is and where she came from.
After Dean grew up, during a certain time, she started remembering who she is due to images she saw of her biological family. She struggled with these memories, and even suffered a period of depression. She inquired about her identity with the orphanage and got contacted by her brother who told her of her real Identity, Cha Jung-Hee. She had a hard time coming to turn with the situation and some of the ways she tried to deal with it was to get in touch with her family, going to Korean, learning about her
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Not only does it show that Dean has confidence in her parents and that she truly believes them to be her parents; but it also gives her adoptive parents the certainty that they have made her feel their love; that they made sure she knows that she is their child no matter where she comes from and who she is; and that they have not made her lack anything. It also confirms to her adoptive parents that they have done a good job raising her, and her adoptive siblings that they have done well by her. This was the reason for her adoptive parents’ fears when she was not telling them anything and the reason for their relief when she did finally tell them what has being happening with
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