Challenges Of Interracial Adoption

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“Racism is still with us. But it is up to us to prepare our children for what they have to meet and hopefully we shall overcome.” Rosa Parks. Interracial adoption in the United States may be challenging for children of different race/ethnicity background, on the other hand it can give children the proper care, and support they need, open up many opportunities. Mixed adoptions are important because people need to recognize that everyone is different and might not all are single race families. To allow children to understand that there is diversity in the world and may help them overcome it by doing the right thing for example not being a follower but a leader. Is it healthy to adopt children of a different race? The challenges of what interracial children might face could be harder in spite of being in foster care. Adopting children of different race is not something that should be harmful. Interracial adoption in the U.S. gives children guidance, care, and support from people who love them, family. Yet Interracial adoption can be challenging but, the adopted child has someone there to protect them and their needs.
People need to accept the fact that interracial adoption is an increasing proposition in today’s society. Whether or not that a person taught much about diversity, it is equally important that a person know color does not matter. Of 11,000 adoptions in Michigan from 2001-05, the last year available, on 78 were blacks adopting whites. During that time, 677 whites

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