Challenging the Norm of Womanhood in A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen

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Melissa Cruz said, “You cannot be with someone just because you don’t want to hurt him. You have your own happiness to think about”. Women have come a long way in their fight to make society realize that a woman have rights. Those rights include more than being in charge of the house. Men have come to realize that if the woman wasn’t there to raise the kids then the men would be atrocious. Family responsibility ends and Individual happiness begins when Nora challenges the idea of what a wife should be, and what a mom should be, and what a woman should be.
In the doll’s house at the beginning of the play we see Nora being classified as an obedient, money loving, and childish wife. Nora and the women of the 19th century were treated a lot different of what women now are used to now. In the doll’s house Nora was supposed to Cook, Clean, take care of the kids, etc. which she didn’t do that. The marriage vows of the 19th century is different than what we would say because The money in the 19 century is the man’s money and woman don’t have no say so about it, but Nora challenges that Role of what a woman should be when Torvald which is the man asks her what she wants for Christmas and which she replies “you can give me money, Torvald. No more than you think you can spare; then one of these days I’ll. That textual support to me mean that I think she already knew she was getting tired of the way she been living which proves it at the end “That our life together would be a real

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