Problems in Marriage in Henrik Ibsen´s A Doll´s House Essay

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In Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House play things was not what it seemed. It also teaches us a lesson on the consequences of having a marriage lacking trust and poor communication. The marriage of Torvald and Nora seemed normal like any other marriage in that time period. Torvald was the bread winner Nora was a house wife and she took care of their two children. Nora thought that the only thing she was missing to be the happiest person on earth was money, and all her problems were going to disappear. Since her husband was going to start a new job she believed that soon her dream was going to come true. All Nora wanted was to have a good life with her family, but what she did not know was that her secret was going to destroy her marriage with …show more content…

When Nora confesses to her friend Mrs. Linden what she had done, she does not seams worry or ashamed because as she explained the money was used to save her husband’s life. Nora worked in the house copying books to get money to pay the loan, and every time she went clothe shopping she would save half of the money. Now we can understand why in act one we see Nora asking for money and when her husband asked her what she wanted as a Christmas present, she also asked for money.

Later in the play things start getting complicated for Nora. Her husband Torvald had become Mr. Krogstad boss at work, and Torvald wanted to fire Mr. Krogstad. This is when Mr. Krogstad starts to blackmail Nora. He wants Nora to stop Torvald from firing him. If she does not, Mr. Krogstad was going to tell Torvald her secret. This should have been the perfect time for Nora to tell the truth to her husband, but she believed that telling Torvald the truth will ruin their relationship. Nora says to her friend Mrs. Linde “Torvald, with all his masculine pride – how painfully humiliating for him if he ever found out he was in debt to me. That would ruin our relationship. Our beautiful, happy home would never be the same” (Iben 802) Nora wanted to protect and do what was best for her family, but when things are done based on lies things usually turn out bad. A marriage should be based on love and trust. If there is no

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