Champion Physical Therapy Research Paper

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Physical therapy has come a long way in the last couple of decades, literally transforming the way pain, functional limitations and recovery from surgery is treated. But just as with any other healthcare provider, it’s the people behind the front door - and their treatment philosophy - which makes the critical difference in the patient experience.

Champion Physical Therapy, which just opened it’s eighth location in Alcoa’s Midland Plaza, has been designed from the ground up to be a unique physical therapy environment dedicated to providing over the top customer service and exceptional outcomes.

Champion’s Midland Plaza staff is led by Clinic Director Brett Kolnick, who is also VP of operations for the rapidly growing chain.

“My goal is to treat all patients like I would my family,” Kolnick says when explaining that an important part
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Champion’s patients span all age groups and range from those who are experiencing pain or functional limitations from sports injuries, accidents and even pre- and post-surgery to those requiring sports medicine and strength and conditioning expertise. They also specialize in treating balance issues like vertigo.

“Treatment is designed with one-on-one care and each session is individualized for the patient and their functional limitations,” says Kolnick, adding that Champion’s commitment to customer service also extends to the front office as well. “We take all insurances and will see people within 24 hours. We work with people who have high deductibles with a no-interest payment plan.”

If you’re looking for a fun, caring and innovative approach to physical therapy, give Brett Kolnick or his staff a call at 336-9188 or check them out online at Champion provides preventative, rehabilitative and performance enhancing programs and services that maximize function and promote patient well
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