Change Is Good

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On that fateful friday, I experienced hurricane Charley, a category 4 storm. Most evacuated without the slightest thought of staying for the mayhem that would unfold in the southern Florida town of Fort Meyers. On the other hand, there were some people who think they are tough and will stick it out. Others simply didn’t have the money to evacuate. Also, we have people who stuck it out because they were told to do so by families, there is not much a 12 year old can do to make a hard headed family member change their mind. Which brings me to my father, he was so pride stricken on sticking it out no one could tell him anything to change his mind. My brother and i quickly realized to get through this hurricane that was coming…show more content…
As fast as the eye came upon us, it had disappeared. gone. We still sat in that room for what seemed like days. The winds were still gusting hard enough to knock down a full-grown man. Finally after awhile, we heard the radio announcer tell us it was safe to go out we then braced ourselves for what kind of destruction we would see, but not before hugging in joy that we made it out alive and in one piece. Never will I forget walking out of that room. My brother and father yelled for me to go over to the living room. The storm had yanked the boards we had screwed into the concrete and our house was filled with water and debris everywhere. Looking out at the neighborhood, there were boats , cars, and pieces of houses everywhere. Some of our neighbors' houses were torn in half. Other were lucky, like us, and suffered fixable damages to their properties. We could have lost it all. I quickly turned to my father and asked him what was going through his head. Pointing at my neighbors half a house, “that could have been us!” he replied, “we made it out fine just like I said.” the man was still in his stubborn mindset and wouldn't admit it even though deep down he knew I was right. My reaction to the whole experience was mixed with both happiness and anger. The angry part was obviously because we could have
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