Similarities and Differences Between the RMS Lusitania and September 11

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Every so often we come face to face with life events that have lasting effects. When faced with these events, some will be able to rebound and move on, but others will not. Events that leave these lasting impressions have the ability to change who we are, they change our attitudes, our personalities and they change our lives. Every so often, these events come to us on such a level they impact far more than a handful of people. Unfortunately as a society we have been witness to several on such a level.
The history of the grand RMS Lusitania is one event on this level that left thousands of souls changed
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On May 7, the Lusitania was alone and unprotected near the cost of Ireland when she was struck by a single German U-boat-20 torpedo. The Lusitania was quickly crippled as secondary explosions rumbled from within and tore her apart. Lifeboats were deployed but to no avail as chaos quickly consumed the ship. Many souls drowned that day and many more were victims of the fire and explosions. Out of the 1,198 victims of this catastrophic event, 127 of them were Americans. (The
Lusitania Disaster – An Overview). The events of the Lusitania no doubt changed the lives of its survivors. An anonymous daughter of a survivor explains how the event changed her mother. She explained how the events that day turned life into death; and all those fears, all that anger misdirected itself into her children. Alcoholism, drug addiction, violence, suicide - all this and more stalked my siblings into their graves. (Diary of a Lusitania
“Survivor”, 2005). This experience turned an otherwise lovely and caring mother into an individual that saw evil and destruction in everything around her. The events of May 7 also had a lasting impact on the views and opinions of the American people who were a world away. Regardless of true guilt or blame, the Germans were

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