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When I think of change I instantly think of this country and wonder if this word should exist or does this word apply to a certain race or individuals. Going back to our Founding Fathers change has always been of great importance to them, rather it may have been the Revolutionary war obtaining freedom from Britain, congress suggesting that each colony establish a state government that had nothing to do with Britain, or creating the United States constitution, Declaration of Independence all represents change but for who? These same Founding Fathers felt a need for change for a stronger national government and started drafting the constitution. This type of change is very important because it would forever change American history. …show more content…

These people and their families were never included in any change from our founding fathers and the US government. The human suffering which was caused by this and the crimes against humankind, we actually used the word change as a means to moving forward in this country and this is why I am apprehensive about using the word change in this country. Upon research more so-called change came from the shameful Dred Scott decision from the United States Supreme Court rule that no black man could be regarded as an equal and therefore had no rights. Not even The Fourteenth Amendment, which was the legal response to the Dred Scott decision, could efficiently protect black women and men from the deep, deep, seated racism which produced Jim Crow and the end of the reconstruction era. The Supreme Plessy versus Ferguson decision was next which legally enshrined "separate but equal" as US custom and law. Segregation would remain the law of the land until its demise three quarters of a century later, so if any change was made it was not equal, thus tarnishing the true definition of the word. To loosely use the word change in this country given US history is a sad indicator of how far away this country really is from equality. The treatment of blacks in this country has historically been appalling and while steps (not change) have been made to better the ethnic climate, nothing has been done to change those who have been wronged in

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