Change and Continuity

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Chiquita Granville
Friday, April 13th, 2012
Deborah Heckwolf
A.P. World History – 8th period

Triangular trade and Erie Canal also started during this period creating a bigger market to produce. Trade between nations on a global scale has changed through our history dramatically with transportation. Concepts that distinguish 1750 – 1900 from previous eras in world history included: industrialization, imperialism, and nationalism Basically, industrialization helped change the production of goods around the world and created new patterns of global trade and production. Transportation and communication were new expanded methods that supported global capitalism. The Industrial Revolution gave huge economic and political advantages to …show more content…

There are different types of imperialism in the 1800s, such as: colonial imperialism, economic imperialism, political imperialism, and socio-cultural imperialism. Between 1450 and 1750 African’s imperialism started by trading with Europeans, but they set up a very few colonies. Along the African coastline in 1850 only a few colonies existed. After the end of the slave trade in the

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