Change in The Giver by Lois Lowry Essay

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Change: is to pass from one state to another: to pass or make something pass from one stage to another. In a dystopian novel The Giver, by Lois Lowry, a 12/13 year boy experiences change from finding out that his Community is not as perfect as it seems. He has changed from a naive to a wise person, from a kid that never lied to his parents to a man who lied to his parents, and a rule keeper to a rebel. Jonas has changed from a naive person to a wise man. At first when he was throwing the apple, “the apple changed and he started to search it, using a magnify glass.” (25) Since he is very naive, he doesn’t know what exactly happened to the apple. He uses a magnify glass to see what has happened to the apple. If he knew what actually …show more content…

He has never lied but he has lied now. If he has never lied but lied today, that means that he has changed into a person who actually lies to his parents. He has changed much, but he has also changed from a rule keeper to a rebel. From a rule keeper to a rebel has Jonas changed. When he first had his stirrings, he told his mom and his mom gave him the pills which he “swallowed the small pill that his mother handed him.” (38) He kept the rules and took the pill. He took the pill without a second thought and just took it, just because his mother told him to. And he also did because the Speaker. “‘I will take care of that sir. I will take care of that sir,’ Jonas mimicked in a cool sarcastic voice.” “‘I will kill people sir” (152) Never has Jonas ever mimic the Speaker before. No one ever did. But Jonas, now being a rebel sees the true side of the Community turns into a rebel. If he wasn’t a rebel, he wouldn’t mimic the Speaker nor would he see anything wrong in this community. As much as people change, he has changed much from a little kid who keeps the rules to a rebel, i kid who never lies to a kid who lies, from a naive kid to a wise man. Jonas has changed from a naive kid to a wise man, a rule keeper to a rebel and a kid who never lies to a person who lies. By showing his rebellious side, Jonas shocks himself with his own courage. With the wisdom he has, he is able to both save himself and Gabe. With the lies that he does, he can leave The

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