Changes By Tupac Essay

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For several decades the black community suffered from discrimination, poverty and uncivilized treatment, particularly from police officers. Although in 1964 the government outlawed segregation from whites and blacks in public facilities, jobs and education the progress was barely visible. Therefore the black community got tired of the lack of progress, and began speaking up through music and other sources. The song “Changes” by Tupac falls into the “three step process as part of the blues” since it acknowledges evil and disappointment by “fingering” a variety of brutal, personal experiences that happened in his personal life and community. According to academician Craig Werner, Ralf Ellison, whom was another analyzer of the blues, saw music as a philosophy of life. They…show more content…
The first step talks about expressing an unpleasant personal experience. Tupac definitely expresses this several times throughout the song. He narrates the murder of his “brother” and therefore questions the existence of god. Tupac does not only questions god, but he starts to question himself and the purpose of life. Which falls into the third step category. The very first lines of the song talk about Tupac contemplating suicide because of the unpleasant environment he is surrounded by, feeling hopeless because there is only so much he can do. He later explains that people who speak up, and fight for equality are often silenced. “It’s time to fight back that’s what Huey said, two shots in the dark now Huey’s dead” (line 12). Huey Newton was a black activist, co-founder of the “Black Panther Party.” The BPP was a political organization promoting self-defense. We were able to see this in the documentary “The Black Power Mixtape.” On the following verse Tupac says: “I'm tired of bein' poor and even worse I'm black My stomach hurts so I'm lookin' for a purse to snatch Cops give a damn about a
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