Changes in Rita and Frank in Acts One and Two Essay

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Changes in Rita and Frank in Acts One and Two

Nicola White The ways in which Russell portrays the changes and developments in the characters of Rita and Frank in Act 1 scene 1 and
Act 2 scene 1 of Educating Rita

The play ‘Educating Rita’ written by Willy Russell explores the life of Rita, a twenty-six year old woman from a working class background, who is trying to find a new identity by becoming more independent, educated and cultured. Rita goes to the Open University and meets her tutor Frank. She is determined to learn from him and will not let anything step in her way. On closer analysis of Act 1 scene 1 and Act
2 scene 2 of this play and the changes in the relationship between
Frank and Rita in these two scenes. When …show more content…

He knows he has Rita coming but decides he cannot be bothered to teach her and just wants to go to the pub. This shows Frank likes to drink and he has had enough of working for the
Open University. His life is hot very enjoyable and maybe drinking alcohol takes all the boredom away. Rita bursts in to Frank’s office, boisterously and unexpectedly by swinging the door open. She is extremely loquacious the minute she enters the office, not intimidated by Frank. You know Rita is different when she asks Frank “ Do you get a lot of students like me?” and he replies “Not exactly, no…” Frank is the opposite of Rita and does not want to teach her, as she could be a handful. Rita talks in her colloquialisms “Y’know, it’s dead loud” and has a working class liverpudlian accent. She does not try to impress Frank when she is introduced to him. Rita discusses random topics with Frank is trying to explain to her, especially when she is first meets Frank and tends to get confused at some of the things Frank is trying to explain to her, he says “you are?” Rita replies, “What am I?” Not knowing what Frank is intending. Frank thinks Rita is mad but amusing at the same time. He tells her “ I think you’re marvelous.” Although he refuses to teach her. Rita will not take no for an answer. Rita’s excited about taking this course and wants to be able to show everyone that she can become educated and do well in life. Rita feels that she is not as intelligent as other

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