Changing Landscape Of Health Care Essay

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Changing Landscape of Health Care
By: Korylen Dilag
Professor Trisch

Health care is an industry that always has to be innovated and competitive. In a landscape that is ever changing the industry has to change along with the changing populations. The increase demand of health care has caused the industry to make improvements in the quality of care from health care personnel and physicians. In order to remain The different types of health care buildings that allow services to be provided to be at the very convenience of the patient. The services that are to be provided have to be centered around patient needs. At the end of heath care development, the main focus is the improvement of health care delivery. The first of these innovations would be the same day walk-in clinic. These clinics were first improved in the 1980s and then in the 1990s the growth of an urgent care clinic expanded into 20,000 clinics opened nationwide. This type of service is important to the community because the services that are provided at this type of health care facility can be anywhere from mid level crisis to emergency. The services can all be provided to the patient. There are x-rays, blood work, on-site diagnostic testing, radiology, and surgical services. The main focus of the same day urgent care clinic would be occupational therapy services provided to the patient. According to Wienick, Betancourt, “A Harvard Business Review article in 1980 described urgent care centers
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