Essay on Health Care System in Turmoil

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Health Care System in Turmoil
Quality healthcare in the more rural areas of the United States is not only getting more difficult to obtain, but difficult to afford. American citizens living in rural areas have the highest rates of chronic disease, higher poverty populations, less health insurance, and there is less access to primary care physicians. When the economy is at its lowest point it causes an increase in a number of access and health issues that have already had prior problems in communities and in rural areas, therefore the main goal of the national health care tax of 2010 was to allow coverage to all residents of the United States, and also by transferring necessary health care to places that were farther away, such as the …show more content…

This national health care tax is supposed to be an answer to most of our health care insurance issues. Although most people agree that our health care system is in turmoil and needs to be reformed, some people do not agree that the solution is a national health care tax. Americans seem to be even more upset over the cost and access to care even more than the quality of care that is given. It is amazing to note that most Americans when asked what they think the most important health care issue facing the United States, the cost and access to care remains the most common response. (Newport, Jones, & Saad, 2012). Some benefits of having a national insurance system, such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) include: Ending the long-time discrimination by most insurance companies based upon a pre-existing condition and your current health status. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), persons seeking health insurance, while they already have a pre- existing condition, and could not get health insurance previously will have access. The ACA will give choices of health insurance that are affordable. Under this national insurance system, a large number of Americans will be able to obtain affordable insurance because of the creation of health insurance exchanges, which will allow families to compare health plans and then be able to choose a plan that fit their needs. These exchanges will guarantee families or persons that quality

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