Changing Political Tides Of The United States Of America Essay

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Changing political tides in the United States of America have inspired a more divisive and heated conversation about immigration policy, specifically addressing the southern border. One approach to the topic at hand accounts for the possible economic effects of an influx in human capital. While this perspective is no doubt important, understanding the individual human experience of immigrating from or through Mexico and across the border provides important context. As migrants move north through Mexico, a common familiarity with systematic abuse at the hands of gangs, officials and locals looking to make a quick buck can be documented. The border represents something intangible that brings new challenges and risks, from avoiding narcotics traffickers and Border Patrol agents to having a place to go once across. Arriving in the United States presents a frequent reality for the undocumented involving the abandonment of identity, acceptance of demoralization via a narrow bandwidth of job opportunities, and, for some, the freedom to have agency in one’s own story. The lives of migrants are filled with sometimes different yet all the while common hardships and the pursuit of a better tomorrow. Understanding a small selection of these perspectives will hopefully provide more complete insight into how and why people race towards the border, ultimately allowing policy decisions to truly be comprehensively informed. Coming to the decision to embrace the unknown and the dangers of

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