Changing The Pattern Of Foster Care As An Intervention Program

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Activating The Role Of The Father
An Hoang Thi Nham
Columbia International University

Author note
An Hoang Thi Nham
An is now working as a coordinator for the organization for orphans in Vietnam.
This research was supported in part by Homes of Love Inc, USA.

The purpose of this study was to discover and to describe the results of changing the pattern of foster care as an intervention program on basis of 3 years of application for the group of teen girls who go through childhood without the shadow of their own father. There is a dramatic impact of father absence on these children 's psychological development and behavioral issues. Through applying the new model of the family who foster them, they are better growing. However, we still cannot say whether this intervention program can bring a positive and lasting effect on the children or not, especially in later stages when they enter to life. As caregivers, they should provide the father-absent girls with the feeling of a full family. Therefore, the most possible solution to help them balance their emotional development and properly develop is the presence and intentional involvement of both persons who takes role as a father and the other as a mother for that child.
Key words: childhood, foster care, father absence, intervention program, emotional development, psychological development.…

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