Changing The Pattern Of Foster Care As An Intervention Program

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Activating The Role Of The Father
An Hoang Thi Nham
Columbia International University

Author note
An Hoang Thi Nham
An is now working as a coordinator for the organization for orphans in Vietnam.
This research was supported in part by Homes of Love Inc, USA.

The purpose of this study was to discover and to describe the results of changing the pattern of foster care as an intervention program on basis of 3 years of application for the group of teen girls who go through childhood without the shadow of their own father. There is a dramatic impact of father absence on these children 's psychological
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For some reason, the fathers did not live with their women; in other words, they abandoned them. As the results of the quick love, kids are born without father. No one knows where that father goes, what he does, just know that poor single mothers with children have a hard time to do living. They struggle with financial hardship every day. Some statistics from UNICEFF reveal that the major contributing factor to child abandonment is poverty. In this research, I want to mention a program that can intervene to help the children from the poor single-parent family without fathers. Like other mothers in the world, it is really not an easy task for them to send their child to others’ care because of flesh and blood relation, but they must accept it. Very few of these mothers have the opportunity to send children to the foster homes or families as their adopted children. Moreover, in Vietnam, there are not many such the families for these traumatized children. In other words, foster care is not popular. As for the kids, in the culture of Vietnam, the fact that they are motherless is okay, but if they have no father, they will be teased and even despised because they are seen as ‘bastard child’ or ‘illegitimate child’ for those around them. This severely impacted on children’s psychological and emotional development, and their school performance as well, especially on
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