Channel Zero Horror Show

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Channel Zero is a new horror anthology series, coming out with two six episode seasons, one in the fall of 2016, and one in the fall of 2017. The show will premiere on SyFy. The show is not just another horror show, and critics were skeptical when they first heard about it, thinking it was just another form of the very popular horror anthology series American Horror Story, but this is something totally different. For example, for this show the storylines are based off of popular “creepypastas” which are scary images or legends that have been moving around the internet. They are always short (which explains only the six episodes and so far only the two season,) but they are mostly ghost or alien stories which really scare their readers which is completely the …show more content…

This was a totally normal show that aired in the 1970s, about a young girl named Janice who traveled with her friends who were also pirates on a ship called “Laughingstock.” However as the children in the show reminisce about the show, they realize very disturbing and creepy details about Janice’s journey on he boat. For example, the “skin taker,” a skeleton whose goal was to grind children’s skin in his teeth. In the Channel Zero interpretation a child psychologist comes home to look into the disappearances of his brother and his friends, in the 1980s. The second season is based off of the creepypasta NoEnd House, which is about a man who goes into a haunted house and in order to win a cash prize, he must complete it. Obviously, it is not that simple, and you can find the actual story online where the creepiest things happen in that haunted house to the young man, and what’s even creepier is that when he does finally make it out, everything in his normal home life has changed. We’re not to sure yet what that season will entail since it is a year early, but based off of that story we know it will be pretty creepy. Both seasons are directed by different people, the first by Craig William Macneill,

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