Chaos And Prospero Essay

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In the beginning of time there was Chaos. He was a Unicat, a cross between a cat and a unicorn. He was the god of all unicats that lived. He became lonely while sitting in the Heavens so he decided to make a wife that was also a Unicat, whose name was Creation. Both Chaos and Creation had children together, a pair of cats named Death and Despair, and a pair of Unicorns named Gaia and Prospero. Chaos was confused, but Creation loved her children nonetheless. Chaos favors the cats, while Creation favors the unicorns. Creation had decided to give magic to the Unicorns, to create a little world for them to live peacefully on. Gaia and Prospero had started to create a little world, making the cats grow jealous. Death and Despair ran to Chaos and whined. Chaos gave the cats the power to destroy and told them to destroy was Gaia and Prospero had created. When the cats had started to destroy everything, it started a commotion between the cats and the Unicorns. Creation wondered why her children would never get along, but Chaos had knew the exact reason why. The commotion had gotten worse and worse as each day passed and Creation had now noticed why. She went to Chaos and started asking question after question, finally getting the truth from him. She was very…show more content…
She started teaching the two fighting clans to start to work together and not hate each other, Creation was proud that Unity was trying and decided to grant her the power she had promised. Although nothing helped, and Unity had died for her cause. After her death, she was hailed as a martyr, which started to create peace. When they had heard of her death, the cats had eased up on the war and the world flourished with life. As promised, Unity had become a goddess, to keep living and to keep peace on the world. The cats and unicorns had created a population and joined together to make the world come together piece by
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