Greek Mythology Essay

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Since the beginning of time the people of the world have their share of beliefs. Greek mythology is the arguably the most popular region of study. In Ancient Greece every citizen had a patron that would protect them and pantheism was commonplace. The Romans admired the Greeks in their art and culture and even took different aspects of their gods. Polytheism was widely accepted in all cultures so the seed of mythology bloomed. The time line of the creations of gods to the end of their reign is an important factor in Greek Mythology.
The creation of the gods starts with chaos and from the chaos came the endless gods: Eros, Tartarus, and Gaea (Love, hell, and the earth). Gaea created Uranus, the first ruler of the sky and Eros …show more content…

Being unsuccessful, he went up to the heavens to his wife who had another spiteful plan. (“Cronus”)
The Fall of Cronus and the Rise of the Olympians Once Zeus was fully grown he returned to his father’s realm and with the help of his mother, hoodwinked Cronus to drink an emetic that made him disgorge his children (Leadbetter). It was these children: Hades, Poseidon, Hestia, Hera and Demeter who helped Zeus wage the Titan war against Cronus. The women titans refused to help Cronus defeat the Olympians and even a few male titans helped aid the Olympians. After ten years of battles, the Olympians were able to banish the Titans into the Underworld (Titanomachy). It was after this war that Zeus seized the throne and divided the sky, the underworld, and the sea amongst him and his brothers. (Hades: the underworld, Poseidon: the sea, and Zeus: the sky.)
After the Olympians took rule over the world, Gaea grew upset about the order of things. It was either because she thought that the Titians were not being treated fairly, or because she felt that she was being appreciated. Either way, she was angered and decided that she wanted to take over. She brought forth creations that were birthed to overthrow the Olympians: the Giants. Amongst them were Typhoon and Echidna (Hatzitsinidou). Typhoon was said to be so tall that his head scrapped the sky. There is some debate on what he was said to appear to be, but the most popular reference is that he was

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