Chaos : Effective And Evil In 'The Red Pyramid'

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In the book, The Red Pyramid, Carter and Sadie Kane embark on a journey across the United States to defeat Set, the Egyptian God of storms and evil. Throughout their adventure, we observe how Chaos is portrayed as destructive and wrong-doing, while Order is portrayed as helpful and good. “The storm was worse up ahead. A lot worse. A wall of black blotted out the night sky, the mountains, the highway, as if it would swallow the whole world,” (431). When Carter and Sadie reach Phoenix, they watch as a huge dust storm cloud, or an enormous amount of chaotic energy, waits to be unleashed to destroy North America. The storm cloud shows us how Chaos is destructive and evil. On page 479, Sadie says, “Through the Duat, I saw magic forming around me, weaving a white sheen over the world, reinforcing Ma’at and expelling Chaos.” At the end of the book, we see how Ma’at is the positive side of creation, and how its order creates good in the world and keeps Chaos from taking over. However, Chaos is not always destructive, and Order is not always helpful. For example, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un has created a society dictated by Order. People are only allowed to watch and listen to government controlled media, military parades show thousands of people marching in orderly lines and brigades, and there is even state approved haircuts that everybody must abide by. North Korea has created a society so orderly that Chaos cannot exist. However, Chaos has still been created. This order has

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