Chapter 1 : A Short Story

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Bren nodded to 6D7 after he and the droid agreed to save thr mysterious young woman. Bren shook his head, knowing fill well he would have to improvise and BS most of the way through this. Soon the droid broke their silence on the way with a few beeps. Bren looks over " What? You don't think I have a plan for this?" the droid gave a low sigh like noise in response. "Hey buddy", Bren would stop to comfort his droid "You know I've got one". The droid would give a scoff "Don't worry, we got this, 6D7." Bren would quickly reply with a sly smirk on his face, but if 6D7 had eyes, one would certainly have seen them roll at his master's comment. The pair would soon arrive at a small weapons shop run by a Trandoshen, Bren held up a picture of the …show more content…

He would quickly, casually walk over to the stage where she worked and sat down. A beep from his comlink on his gauntlet interrupted the show only for a moment. "What is it, 6D7?" Bren spoke into his communicator quietly as he could manage. The droid replied with a few beeps and whistles "I don't know, check to see if the hanger is open. Do you still have that spike from the job on Rodia, buddy?" Bren asks the droid in his still hushed tone to which the droid replied "Then use it and tell me when you find something good, this will be a real short trip if you can't find a good ship." The droid beeped again, questioning his master. "Do you not think that I know Jedi aren't suppose to steal? Just do it, 6D7." The comlink went silent as the communication ended between the pair. After a drink or two, Tatooine sunsets mostly, Bren would get to talking to the young woman, just as she ended her set on the stage, a large Gammorean moving towards the two to stop him from potentially harming her, to which the woman would wave him aside "I'm Staod Huton, I'm here to rescue you and take you back to your father." Bren would introduce himself to the young dancer. The dancer would cock an eyebrow at him, her gaze falling over Bren to size him up "Aren't you a little short for that, honey?" The dancer would reply dismissively towards him "Look, do you want out of here or not because I can just leave you here and let your daddy come find

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