Chapter : A Short Story

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Chapter Ten The morning gave way to the afternoon as the storm continued. They hadn’t done much than make-out like a couple of horny kids who discovered the pleasures of French-kissing. Theo was a master in the art and Carly his most willing apprentice. She would have been happy to kiss the day away, but Theo suggested they go dig out the car and survey the area with the brightness of day on their side. She wagered the real reason to head out was because he was having a hard time refusing her constant advances. Any other girl might have felt put out by his refusal take the next step but Carly found it endearing. It didn’t, however, reduce her desire to see him naked and do nasty things with him. Every kiss, every touch was making her …show more content…

Theo might be a professional hockey player, but he couldn’t hold a note to save his life. She giggled, at finally finding something he wasn’t perfect at. “Glad you find me entertaining.” He pulled her close and kissed the top of her snow-covered head. Hand in hand they made their way towards the mountain of snow that hid the car. Not a speckle of red could be detected. Carly shivered, thinking about what might have happened to them if they hadn’t gotten off the road when they did. Their decision to turn around had been a good one, there’s no way they would have made it to the city in one piece. Carly used her arm to wipe the sticky snow from off the car door. Theo reached inside and took out a brush. The small blue stick looked incapable of dealing with the massive amount of snow, but Theo made it work. Carly used her hands to help dig, and in no time, they had unburied his car. The red paint glared at her, reminding her their time would soon be ending. But it wasn’t over yet. The fresh snow and gusting winds made their effort seem in vain. The sports car wouldn’t stand a chance plowing through the drifts to get back on the main roads. “We should go find some shovels,” Theo suggested as he looked at the snow-covered driveway. They had their work cut out for them, but shoveling before the winds tapered off would be an exercise in futility. “Any progress we make now will be swept away by that

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