Essay about Chapter 1: The Witches Mansion

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Chapter One The Witches Mansion “Time to get up!” Mrs Fox cried out at the very top of her lungs, standing over her son for what was now the fourth time and counting. “Come on!” Jack blinked awake, rubbed his eyes, yawned, and turned over. “Yeah, just coming.” Mrs Fox put her hands on her hips and looked like she was about to explode. “Now then!” she snapped, her voice again raised. “This is it, Jack! This is your last warning!” “Yeah, right,” the boy mumbled from under the covers, the words barely recognizable. “Just give me a minute.” With that, Mrs Fox turned away, slamming the door shut behind her. When she did, Jack sneaked in a few more minutes before rising out of bed. He wouldn’t have minded a few more, but he knew it was …show more content…

He would wait for his mother to cool down and for things to go back to normal. Besides, he’d have to try this on Friday to get out of an embarrassing social dance class with Smella Bella Snodgrass. He took another moment, then turned away from the window and went out the door. A big skinny greyhound awaited in the sitting room and it bounded about and followed after him, his tail whirling and spinning around this way and that like a helicopter, lashing into and whipping off everything in the room with such energy and enthusiasm that it bowled over most of Mrs Fox’s ornaments; a large vase of flowers rolled and tumbled off the top of a table, small picture frames folded and collapsed on shelves, and some cows and pigs were scattered across a sideboard in all different directions. The sitting room was small and shabby. An old shaky table and some wobbly wooden chairs sat by a broad window, a cream-coloured, worn-out sheepskin rug lay over a brown carpet, and a large, scruffy brown couch that the dog had claimed as his bed took up most of the room’s available space. Jack and his mother didn’t have much, but Mrs Fox kept it neat and clean, and Jack had his own room, which was larger than most of his friends’ bedrooms. They stayed in the small town of Cobblekeld, at number six Cobblebank Road. Their house

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