Chapter 13 Years Ago By Rudy Hepworth

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Chapter 1 13 years ago By: Rudy Hepworth It wasn’t long until summer, this being my last few days at this school. I really liked this school but mama said “Oh, you poor child we must go your father has just got promoted again.” I knew that was the end of that. Mama doesn’t like when I argue so I don’t. As my papa got home I said, “How was work.” He did not respond to that though so I took it like he did not have a good day. I thought to myself I wonder did he have a good day mama said he got promoted. As I walked into my room to change into my play clothes I …show more content…

As I left I thought I’m only 15 where will I go? I only have 3000 dollars saved. I grabbed the nearest bus to Ohio and there was an old lady I sat next to. She talked with wisdom and she told me that running away wasn’t a good idea. I looked at her with a surprised look “how did you know” she said “I don’t know you tell me.” I look through the window and then back at here and then she was gone. I slept in a hotel in Ohio for a couple nights it was cold and moldy in most places especially in the bathroom. The place reeked probably because the sheets were never washed and the couch looked like it was 100 years old. I tried to get a job at the hotel but they declined me due to me not having any cards or anything to prove who I was. I was fine with that anyway I didn’t want to work in a place that smelled like B.O. I left the hotel in Ohio, and started to look for somewhere to work and since I did not have any cards to prove who I was it was hard. I moved though the city of Columbus and worked my way to a rural area where I slept outside. I did not get much sleep anyway. I woke up and went back into town. I saw a BMX bike that looked cool and I bought it I went down town. I decided that it would be a good idea to eat at a Café. It was ok but the coffee was gross. I left and put my bike up for sale and got twice as much I paid

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