Chapter 3 : A Message, A Challenge, And A Spider

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Realmstuck Chapter 3: A Message, a Challenge, and a Spider

You can not. Be-leave, they left you. What the fuck. It’s not as if you didn’t do all you could for them. You didn’t steal THAT much of their money. Just a coin or two when they weren’t looking. Gods what jerks. You stomp your way through the forest, cutting into tree after tree with your sword as you go. You reach a small clearing and stop with your hands on your hips. “Ffffffffuuuuuuuuck!” you scream into the air, throwing your sword as far and as hard as possible. You hear it clunk against something. That something shouts loudly. You arch your eyebrows and go to retrieve your sword. Maybe you can get something fun out of it too. You push the bushes obscuring your view out of the way and take a look at who you’re dealing with. He’s a small boy with a large nose and black hair. He’s wearing an ugly blue hat with a yellow feather in it and the rest of his clothing is pretty blue too. Except for his shoes. Those are the same hideous yellow as the feather. He’s holding his left shoulder and wincing in pain. Your sword is lying nearby. You guess you must have nicked him when you threw it. You can see him watching you as you retrieve your blade. What a loser. “You stabbed me with a sword,” he accuses you after a moment. You huff and pull his hand away from his wound to look at it. He’s pretty remarkably weak, actually, his attempts at stopping you are pitiful. He winces when you poke at it. You let go of his…

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