I Got Off Of The Bus Three Stops Before Mine And Walk

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I get off of the bus three stops before mine and walk the rest of the way, money has been running out since my parents died. We were always poor, but everyone 's getting poorer and I am no exception. I take a shortcut through the back streets and rubble. I 've gotten used to climbing over the rubble, however I 'm still exceptionally clumsy and likely to trip over my own feet. Soon I arrive at the back of an old crumbling abandoned building. Home sweet home. I pull down the rusty fire escape ladder and climb up to the second floor. I slide in through the window and into my room. Me along with my possessions only occupy a bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom from the 4th flat on this floor. No one in the city (other than the few rich people) can afford to heat our homes, electricity or water delivered to their house, so I keep the water, matches and candles in each room. I keep all of my possessions in the bedroom. I heat up my last can of food over my small camping stove and eat it on my bed, - a heap of hand stuffed pillows, blankets and old rugs for a base - I 'll have to go out searching again today before it gets dark. The best way to get things to trade in this city is to search through the rubble. I hate going out so close to sunset - crime is strongly monitored, but it 's not unheard of for opens to be the main targets -, but I have to if I want to eat breakfast tomorrow. I change into my combat boots, tie my hair up, gather my bag, bow and arrows. I climb back through the

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