Chapter 4 : Neurons, Hormones, And The Brain

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Patrick Beninga
Professor Hanretty
PSY 202 Section 16
7 October 2015

Chapter 4: Neurons, Hormones, and the Brain

The Nervous System: A Basic Blueprint
The Central Nervous System
Central Nervous System
The par of the nervous system consisting of the brain and the spinal cord interprets information about the senses ex: Touch, Taste, Sound, Smell.
Spinal Cord
A collection of neurons and supportive tissue running from the base of the brain down the center of the back, protected by a column of bones (the spinal column) acts as a bridge between the brain and the rest of the body spinal reflexes are subconscious
Because the brain and spinal cord are connected, reflexes can be influenced by thoughts and emotions example: increased heart rate when nervous
Peripheral Nervous System
Peripheral Nervous System
All portions of the nervous system outside the brain and spinal cord; it includes sensory and motor nerves
Sensory Nerves
Carry messages from special receptors in the skin, muscles, and other internal and external sense organs to the spinal cord, which sends them to the brain
Motor Nerves
Carry orders from the central nervous system to muscles, glands, and internal organs
Somatic Nervous System the subdivision of the peripheral nervous system that connects to sensory receptors and to skeletal muscles; sometimes called the skeletal nervous system
Autonomic nervous system
The subdivision of the peripheral nervous system that regulates the internal organs and glands
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