Chapter 5 Of Eyes Wide Open Essay

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This assignment was challenging because I do not watch television, go to movies, or listen to music. It is not that I am against these activities, but I have difficulty hearing varying tones and cannot easily discern words within recordings.
Popular art creates shared experiences for individuals to have a point of reference. Chapter 5 of Eyes Wide Open identifies the following points as roles of art within a culture. Art within a culture creates a Map of reality by using visual and auditory imagery to show how life could or should be experienced.
1. Cultural communication
a. Showing or creating common cultural ideals, beliefs and assumptions.
2. Social and cultural criticism
a. Demonstrating how social and contentious issues have been dealt …show more content…

They appeal to multiple generations of viewers, providing a common experience. The tradition of winning and losing in the competition based on personal actions became the viewers job to decide. The acceptance and celebration of those that were not the typical performer challenged stereotypes and social norms. Moreover, it has provided a path that is based on the individual’s acceptance by the group, not just on the hard work of the individual. America’s Got Talent and The Voice are following the lead of American Idol. Reality Television allows for home viewers to imagine what is possible. Popular Art reflects the era, communities and social normative of its …show more content…

I do not actively partake of the media available, but do participate in conversations about them. I can ask people questions that make them think about why an idea or action is acceptable. I do not like swearing or nudity and regularly remove myself from situations where others choose to behave in ways in which I do not agree. Even my parenting decisions have not been “normal” by my children’s friend’s standards. I have a perspective that began when I was young that what went in would never be able to be erased, so be careful what you expose yourself too. I am exposed to different social norms today than when I was young; I still do not accept everything that is accepted as the social

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