Chapter Notes On ' The Dark Blue Hair Like Mine '

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Chapter 3 "Echola?" The man in the doorway said, a slight grin making its way onto his face. I frowned, before my brain registered who I was looking at. It was not who I initially thought at all, but rather, someone much, much better. He had raven blue hair like mine, windswept, a fringe concealing his right eye. His visible eye was a dark blue, shining with joy as he observed me. His clothes were traditional Johto wear, a pale blue colour, with a darker blue jacket over the top, white edges decorating it. He had on white socks, with black shoes. Each wrist was clad in a black and red protector. Falkner, the Johto Gym Leader. Or, as I knew him, my brother. “Echo!” His tone was happier now, as he practically bounced into the kitchen, looking at me up and down. “I haven’t seen you in ages!” Usually the Violet City Gym leader was so formal, it was rare for anyone to see him like this, unless they were really close to him. “How is everything here? All settled in?” That was when the tears started to fall. I ran crying towards my brother, wrapping my arms around him for a hug, which he returned, a bewildered look on his face. I opened my moth to say something, but instead thought better of it, burying my face into his shirt, breathing in the familiar smell of home. Falkner stroked my hair gently, hushing me. “Shh, it’s alright. Be strong” We stayed like that for several minutes, Falkner comforting me as I cried. I hugged tighter, sniffling. “I thought you were dad,” I

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