Chapter One Of Paris France

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Chapter One
Paris France, 1888 Darkness. As Robin Cahun awoke from his slumber, that’s all he felt…darkness. As he opened his eyes, he saw the morning light flowing through the drawn curtains and wondered just how long he had been out of it? Where was he? How did he get here? As he pulled the covers off of his naked body, he couldn’t remember anything about the night before. What was even more frightening was that he could remember anything from the last week. The last thing Robin could recall was walking past the construction site of the controversial Eiffel Tower on his way to his apartment, and that was a week ago. Had he drunk that much that he couldn’t remember anything? He never drank that much. Yet, as he swung his legs out of …show more content…

At the young age of 30, he kept his body in perfect shape. His 6 foot, 2 inch frame was as lean as the day he graduated Secondary School at age 16. And just like it did then, his jet black hair and light hazel eyes still pulled the attraction of any woman he came into contact with. After finally stumbling into the bathroom, he pulled himself closer to the mirror over the sink trying to see the cause of the blood on his neck. After wiping his neck with a wet cloth, he seen the cause clearly; two holes, almost an inch apart from each other, were perfectly placed on the side of his neck. What the hell happened last night?
Robin shook himself out of the memory. Looking out his penthouse suite window over modern day Paris, the Eiffel Tower now fully completed, the memory of that dreaded day came flooding back to his mind. No, he still couldn’t remember anything from that night. Nor could he remember who it was that put this curse on him. All he knew was that day was the beginning of his torment of immortality. That day, he became a creature of folklore shown only in scary movies and spoken of only in secret; that day he became a vampire. One day, he vowed to himself, he would find out who it was that put this curse on him. Sure, some days, it was nice to know that death would never find you. However, most days it was only torture. He could never love anyone anymore. Not for 100

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