Chapter Summaries Happiest Refugee

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Anh’s parent’s family, their struggles and background.
“That’s not the way to treat a young lady.” (Anh’s father said) pg.3
“On their third meeting he buys her a lemonade and makes a young guy in the carriage stand up so that she can sit down.” (Father’s actions) pg.3
“This particular girl had been enrolled in a convent until earlier that year. She was supposed to be a nun by now, but the communists had closed down all the catholic churches and convents.” ( Anh on his mother) pg.3
“My father grew up in extreme poverty. “ (Anh on his father) pg.6
“His mother gave birth to twelve children but four had died in childbirth or early infancy. Even with eight mouths to feed Grandma found it in her heart to adopt two …show more content…

At least you know your sailing near the edge of your capacity!’ (pg 67 referring to whenever the dad talks about failure)
‘If you don’t have your identity papers they’ll kick you out of the country’ (pg 65 said by one of Anh’s uncles)
The other motto was ‘Born for Greater Things’ (pg 65 referring to the school motto)

Chapter 6.
The happiest refugee- Chapter 6.
The period that this chapter focuses on:
-Anh’s family being scared of their father.
- Losing the properties that they owned.
- The family ‘fracturing’.
Issues being addressed:
-Violence (Uncle Three and Anh’s dad fighting, Anh’s dad getting drunk and hitting out at his family)
-Grief (Anh’s father feels quite upset about losing the trust of his brothers)
-Guilt (Anh’s father feels quite guilty over losing his brother’s trust and is struggling to cope with memories of the deaths of two other brothers)
-Fear (Anh and his family are scared of their father due to his alcohol issue and becoming violent)
Chapter seven: Highschool
“During the six years I spent at St AloysiusI never quite had the right fitting uniform”
“In drama all of a sudden you could stride into a battle scene wearing a helmet and vest, reciting heroic lines that save the kingdom. Instantly your worries would fade away.” Pg. 77
“Mrs Borny not only taught us drama, but also how to write it, creating stories

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