Character Analysis: A Raisin In The Sun

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A person cannot be described as a bad or good person for humans are not all good or all bad instead they are made up of both, and they are constantly fighting within oneself however whichever is listened to is the ultimate victor. This idea is not only true of people but as well as fictional characters like the ones In the book A Raisin in the Sun. The protagonist Walter shows both honorable as well as immoral qualities. Walter talks to his son about a glorious future, however one that will never see the light, but by sharing this dream with his young son he is filling him with false hope and inevitable despair if his plan does not hold water which is almost guaranteed to happen. Conversely Walter wants Travis to have a good life and wants …show more content…

Walter, although delusional, truly wants his family to have The good life he imagines for them can be illustrated in a quote on 108 in which he outlines what he wants Travis's life to be like “we'll go up to your room to see you sitting on the floor with the catalogues of all the great schools in America. . . . All the great schools in the world!” Walter wants his family, specifically Travis, to be well off and have a life Walter only can dream of having when he was a kid so although what Walter is saying is borderline impossible but it is a nice sentiment. In this quote also seems that Walter actually believes what he is saying which proves that he is a decent good man because he isn’t saying this just to make himself feel better but they are in fact fueled by his own beliefs. The way one can see he that he actually believes what he is saying is the tone he seems to like this is something he is longing for but also something that he can get this tone is bittersweet. Walters belief in what he is saying and also the overall hope and love that he is willing to not just invest in himself but his family goes to show that although what he is saying is implausible and dangerous to some extent that he genuinely wants himself and his family to have a good

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