Character Analysis Of Afrika Road

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Afrika Road, a story that symbolizes oppression of the whites who are capturing the blacks. The blacks are being oppressed, controlled by the white people and Afrika road symbolizes their struggle of dealing with this problem. In Don Mattera’s short story “Afrika Road”, there are many examples that show the different character traits Afrika Road portrays. The different character traits of the protagonist, the story Afrika Road shows is meritoriousness, tolerance, and victimization.
In Afrika Road, there are many examples that show the character trait of meritoriousness. An example is when the author states, “[M]en, women, children… soldiers without uniforms or conventional armory… aware that death waited for them on Masphala Hill” (Mattera 91). This reference suggests that the black people are being oppressed by the white people but will continue their march of freedom even knowing what consequences can arise and trouble them. One can conclude that the black people are trying to take back their rights and freedom, everyone participated including men, women, children even the soldiers with and without uniforms. In essence, they are being forced into being soldiers. In addition, it can be noted that the black people are merited to stand up in front of the whites to earn back what was rightfully theirs. Blacks are being praised for what they did, for having the courage to go through their plan and be brave enough to execute their plan even though they knew what they were going

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