Character Analysis Of Charlie Gordon In Flowers For Algernon By Daniel Keyes

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If you had one wish, what would it be? A mountain bike, doll house or even a brand new phone. Charlie Gordon on the other hand had only one wish. His wish was to become intelligence. In the science fiction story “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes, Charlie Gordon, a thirty seven year old man had a mental disability . He strived to feel accepted by his peers. Changing his life forever, he undergoes a surgery to increase his I.Q. Charlie Gordon was significantly better off having artificial intelligence surgery. The surgery helped Charlie regain memories, increase his I.Q and experience emotions. Charlie regained memories of the past which he truly will never forget. Looking back on his life, Charlie never knew his parents. In the text, Charlie states “I think of my mother and father a…show more content…
Charlie Gordon definitely wanted to be smart so when he realized he was getting there he said “I’d hidden the picture of the old Charlie Gordon from myself now that I was intelligent, it was something that had to be pushed out of my mind.” (Keyes 237). This for example is something Charlie felt passionate about and believed he could do. In his mind, he got rid of the old Charlie Gordon and replaced himself with the new person he was becoming. His I.Q was increasing every day and Charlie was finally beginning to see he was getting smart.
Lastly, Charlie started experiencing emotions he has never felt before. Miss Kinnian, his school teacher was willing to help Charlie through his tough times. Charlie says “The thought of leaving her behind made me sad. I’m in love with Miss. Kinnian.” (Keyes 234). Feeling true emotions Charlie begins admiring Miss. Kinnian. He always thought of her as a role model and teacher, but after artificial intelligence he instead thought of her as a woman. Charlie was beginning to feel real emotions after the A.I
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