Character Analysis Of Girl, Stolen

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I am reading Girl, Stolen by April Henry, and I am on page 213. This book is about Cheyenne Wilder a girl who was in a car accident and ending up losing most of her vision. Cheyenne was accidentally kidnapped by a guy named Griffin. He meant to only take the car, he did not notice that there was a girl in the car. Griffin's dad Roy found out that Cheyenne was the daughter of the president of Nike. So Griffin’s dad asked for a ransom than he was going to kill Cheyenne. Then Giffin ended up helping Cheyenne escape. In this paper, I will be characterizing Cheyenne the main character in this story. I will also be questioning why Griffin helped Cheyenne escape. I am reading Girl, Stolen by April Henry. Cheyenne is a sixteen-year-old …show more content…

She hears what he had to say and then he asked if he could call again. So she said yes. She is also kind because she sent a search party out of Griffin. She did not have to she could have just let him die. Cheyenne also sent out a search party for the dog that helped her escape. She did that because she felt like she owed it to the dog. Lastly, Cheyenne listened to Griffin and helped him with his problems. That was kind because he had kidnapped her she could have just passed him off as not human. She took the time to listen and care when no one else did. Cheyenne is a kind, smart, strong, and caring girl. I am reading Girl, Stolen by April Henry. Cheyenne is a sixteen-year-old girl who is brave and strong. Cheyenne had been in a car accident two years ago and lost most of her vision. She had to start her life over. Cheyenne had to go to a school to learn how to do normal things in life. She had to learn how to dress, walk, and she had to learn how to be human again. I think this is brave because not many people come out of a situation like that with Cheyenne’s attitude. After about two weeks of bed rest, Cheyenne could not take it anymore. She worked hard to get herself back to normal. Cheyenne is also smart and tough she can take care of herself. Cheyenne was laying down in her mom’s car one evening while her mom went to the pharmacy. Then a guy named Griffin saw a car and thought he could easily make

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