Character Analysis Of Jake Grafton

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Jake Grafton is the lead character in the Jake Grafton series of novels by American techno thriller writer Stephen Coonts. The first novel in the Jake Grafton series was the 1986 published Flight of the Intruder that received much critical acclaim and fast became an international bestseller.

The Jake Grafton series of novels feature Jake “Cool Hand” Grafton a young navy pilot that is an ace pilot during the Vietnam War. Over the course of the series, he flies A-6s to drop bombs over the Viet Cong before he graduates to working works for the CIA. Over the years, he rises through the ranks to become a 2-star admiral.

The first novel in the series In Flight of the Intruder tells the story of Jake Grafton who flies an A-6 bomber during the Vietnam War. Based on an aircraft carrier Grafton often flies at night maneuvering his plane past SAM missiles, and enemy flak on the Vietnamese mainland before making it back home. As a Navy Pilot his emotions alternate between a lets win this war gung ho approach and remorse at the possibly noncombatant Vietnamese victims on whom he is dropping the bombs.

Lashing out against the policy makers in the Navy back at home, Coonts offers deep insights into the mindset of a fighter pilot. Painting a picture of the …show more content…

If the terrorists are successful, one of the Middle East’s most terrible dictators will tilt the balance of power in his favor. It looks like no one has the skill or capacity to stop the remorseless leader except for ace covert operator Jake Grafton. An ace pilot, Jake pilots an F-14 Tomcat, which is quite a spectacular plane. But the odds are not stacked in his favor as he has lost most of his crewmates, and suspects a woman onboard the ship to be a spy. Faced with difficult choices his instinct tells him to disobey orders from the highest office in the land if he is to

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