Character Analysis Of Lady Brett Ashley

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For the final character dealing with problems of personal identity, Lady Brett Ashley is an enigma at best, especially to the men in the novel. Out of all the characters, Brett is the least secure about who she is as a person. Since her love died in the war and she quickly married someone else, she has been floating through life untethered. By the time she enters the story’s plot, she has divorced that man and become engaged to someone else, yet she still sleeps with anyone else. Nobody truly knows who Brett Ashley is, and she hides behind her meaningless affairs. Even her gender identity is somewhat fluid. During the time of the flapper style, Brett has short hair like a man and is typically included as one of the chaps. If it were not for her disastrous affairs, she would essentially blend in with some of the men of this story. Interestingly, in each of the three parts in this book, Jake depicts a different side to Brett, making her out to seem like a different person as the book progresses. In the beginning, “Jake [shows] Brett in Paris to be charming and witty and inordinately sensual” while “in the Spanish section he has recounted the physical and emotional violence that [derive] from her allure and her acquisitive sexuality” (Nagel 99). To conclude, Jake “presents yet another side of Brett, the vulnerable woman capable of dependence and contrition, having risen from the simple fulfillment of sensual desire, needing support from Jake” (Nagel 99). She is one of the few

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