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Just as other interpersonal themes, sexual themes in film are often depictions of sexual themes that exist in real life relationships. For this very reason, it is very easy for a person to compare his relationships with that of a relationship shown in media or film. Some relationships are total train wrecks from the start while others are not necessarily ideal, but healthy. Although not seen very often, ideal couples in film are attributed with characteristics that are seen by society as desirable; youthful, attractive people who are hyper-sexual and affectionate. As cliché as it sounds, sometimes relationships are simply “complicated”. Such is the case in the film It’s Complicated.
Just as the relationships depicted within the film are
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When Jane and Jake meet up to attend their son’s graduation, the two begin to have an affair. At the same time, she begins to fall in love with another man that she is seeing. Not knowing what she wants, Jane must decide whether she wants to rekindle her relationship with her ex or move on to the newer man in her life.
There are a few human sexuality themes that I noticed in this film. The first and most obvious theme that I noticed is how the film goes against the stereotypes that media places of sexuality and age. At often times, younger people are seen to have vibrant sexual relationship. The thing that I can admire about this film is that it shows sex between older people. Most people have misconceptions that when people achieve a certain age, they no longer have sex. This stereotype is not true. People who are in their 50’s and up can still have very healthy active sex lives. This stereotype was something that the characters in the film seemed to struggle with. Both Jane and Jake were trying to fight the aging to seem more physically attractive. For example, Jane considered getting a facelift to compete with her ex’s young wife. Jane also seemed to be very influenced by her friend’s ideas on love and sex; their perspective seemed to alter her perspective. In the beginning, she was very conflicted in expressing her sexuality. She dealt with this struggle by succumbing to what they believed she needed to do in her own sex life.
The second theme that I recognized

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