Character Analysis Of Okonkwo

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Okonkwo is a man whose fame is spread throughout the nine villages as he wins a competition with ‘Amalinze the Cat’. Okonkwo is a man who fears weakness and failure. He hated everything his father, Unoka, did which by the way was being gentle and idle, so he tended to be harsh just to not appear like his father. He, on the other hand, is a very respected warrior and has a great family, but he tends to get too overconfident in his way of thinking and beliefs. Okonkwo passes lots of life events that make him become very impending to his consequences. Okonkwo was looking forward to being named the greatest in his clan. It all starts to fade as he commits his three greatest mistakes which lead him to get so far from his goal in which they …show more content…

Doing such act meant for him to go into exile for seven years because that was a murder of one of his clans and that angered the goddess, the clan members did not want to pay for what Okonkwo did so they send him far away so his punishment would be outside and not in his own village and they even burned his house and his belongings to burn everything that might of been contaminated with his wrongdoing. During his exile, he is received by his mother’s younger brother, Uchendu. Uchendu receives them with open hands and helps them get settle down. Uchendu gives Okonkwo's family supplies that they needs to grow crops and food. While in exile, he assisted the wedding from one of the uncle’s sons and at the end he was questioned in front of everybody who attended to the weeding by his uncle in a way that Okonkwo, he did not know what to respond back, which was basically what Uchendu wanted to see. Uchendu then clarified his question and answers it for him so he would understand that he was not the worst person in the world just for committing that, Uchendu was basically giving hope to Okonkwo, Uchendu got back to the wedding and everybody else did too and well everybody had a great day. Exile still continues and it's his second year when he receives some news that really shocked him from his friend Obierika who comes with other men too, just to give him some crops that he gathered from the seeds Okonkwo gave to him,

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