Character Analysis Of Paper Towns By John Green

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In the novel Paper Towns by John Green, Quentin (also called Q) is an average teenager with a not-so-average neighbor, Margo Roth Spiegelman. Since Margo moved to the neighborhood and discovered a dead body while with Q, she has been different. She tried to piece together the puzzle as a kid, later becoming a puzzle herself when she goes missing after a night out with Q. Margo is known for leaving clues behind on her many adventures that she’s gone on, and she usually returns even though no one ever solves the mystery, but this times it’s different and it doesn’t look like she’s coming back this time. The clue’s are pointed at Quentin, and why she chooses him is unclear, but all Q knows is that the love of his life has just run away and she wants Q to find her. On his journey, he encounters hardships that are important to the work as a hole because without them Quentin would not be able to do what has never been done before, and that is to find Margo. With the help of his best mates Radar and Ben plus the assistance of Margo’s friend Lacey, the race to find Quentin’s love is thrown into full gear. The whole end game of this book is to do the impossible, find Margo. In doing the impossible, there is a very high chance that you will run into some obstacles. Margo’s parents are one of those obstacles. You would think because they are her parents that the Spiegelman's would be full of concern but also full of hope to find their eldest daughter. To put it simply, no and no.

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