Character Analysis Of Saving Sourdi

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The short story “Saving Sourdi” by May-Lee Chai is about two sisters who develop in very different ways. May-Lee’s story accurately shows the bond of sisterhood at a young age and how maturing and making grown-up decisions can drastically change a strong relationship. Nea and Sourdi are the two main characters. Nea, who is the narrator, is a young girl who struggles to mature and understand the decisions of her old sister Sourdi. Sourdi is mature but timid compared to Nea which causes certain characteristics to be brought out in Nea. The story is called “Saving Sourdi” because Nea is continuously trying to help her sister but does so in ways that aren't conventional. Even though Nea fails to grow-up like Sourdi at the beginning of the story, by the end her character has a moment of maturity. For these reasons, the sisters are foil to each other, Nea is the protagonist as well as the antihero, and both Nea and Sourdi can be considered dynamic characters. Sourdi and Nea are foil characters because their personalities are opposite which brings out Nea’s protective and aggressive traits. May-Lee describes Sourdi as a “China doll” at the beginning of the story (82). This gives the reader an image of a small, pretty girl. We get the sense that Sourdi is timid because of the way she politely asked the drunk man clinging to her in the restaurant to let her go. In contrast, Nea screams at the man, “Get away from my sister!” and proceeds to stab him in the arm (83).

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