Character Analysis Of Sergeant William James

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The character that I will be analyzing through the definitive actions that take place in the screenplay is Sergeant William James. At page 26 we are introduced to James when he Sanborn and James meet for the first time. Here is the first action that James does when he meets Sanborn: James jerks his head to a window covered with a board of plywood. E walks over to it and starts removing the wood, motioning for Sanborn to grab one end of the board. (pg 27)
Sanborn explains that the reason why the wood was up was to stop any fire weapons or explosives from coming through the open window. James replies that he likes the sunshine. He then cranks the music, grabs his still-burning cigarette, and flops down on the bed. These definitive actions in the first scene that we see James do goes perfectly on how the writer wants the readers to see James, which is a stubborn person. By taking the wood out the window without asking Sanborn first shows you that he doesn’t care about any other person’s well being but himself. James is only looking out for James. That seems to be a fault in his character from the beginning. He seems to take care for himself, which is bad considering that he is in war and his job is to defuse bombs for public safety. Then by him cranking up the music, grabbing his still-burning cigarette, and flopping down on the bed shows us another fault in his personal trait. This fault is that he is a person that refuses to change his opinion or mind about a situation

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