Character Analysis Of Sergey Kotov

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One main character of this film is Sergey Kotov, is a Russian civil war hero and an idol of the many. He worked side by side with Stalin during the revolution and formed a close relationship with him. He now lives with his wife Marussya and daughter Nadya in a country house. When tanks are about to crush the wheat field, he stops them immediately all by himself. He has great leadership and speaking skills, as well as great respect from others. Another main character of this film, Mitya, previously fought on the White Army against the new soviet regime. He was Marussya’s lover over a decade ago, but then left Russia for unknown reasons. Now he is recruited by the secret police and work as a secret agent. He came to Kotov’s house primarily for his personal reasons, one being revenge. He detests Kotov for taking his lover Marussya, conscripting him into the NKVD, and causing him to lose his love and faith to Mother Russia. The other main character, Marussya, bounces back and forth between Mitya and Kotov. She initially loves Mitya dearly, but Kotov conscripted Mitya into the NKVD, forcing him to leave Marussya, so that Kotov can get closer to her. When she found out that Kotov had done this, she wants to commit suicide by jumping from the top floor of the house. But she gradually accepts that fact after Kotov’s brilliant speaking skills. There are many signs of 1930s Soviet Union in this film. The majority of the people live in the rural areas and farms wheat. They spend

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