Character Analysis Of Stardust

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In the movie Stardust, a star had fallen from the sky creating chaos and talk amongst people everywhere. This is because many people want an eternal life or one filled with many riches. In the movie Stardust, Tristan Thorn is brought through many different situations in which he must decide his and others’ fates. Tristan evolves from his original state to a new advanced person due to the experiences he goes through. At the beginning of the move Tristan motives were selfish. To explain further, Tristan says that he originally thought of his mom before switching to thinking about Victoria and the star when he crashes into Yvaine. This means that he thought that a girl was more important than his own mother. This is a selfish thing to do …show more content…

This is what helps Tristan to be brave and courageous later on in the movie. Not only that, but because of Captain Shakespeare’s teaching Tristan was able to defend himself. In the long run it is proven that Tristan changes for the better because of his interactions with Captain Shakespeare. At the end of the story Tristan has transformed into a better person in comparison to the selfish person he was at the beginning of the movie. Towards the end of the movie he realized that if Yvaine crosses the wall she will turn into stardust, so he rushes back to try and prevent her from crossing the wall. This is an act of love and selflessness because he goes out of his way to help Yvaine. In addition to that, this shows that Tristan is now taking others into consideration even if they won’t benefit him. However when Tristan realizes that the witches have taken her, he races back to rescue her. When Tristan gets to the witches’ house he tells his mom to leave to put her out of danger while he stays to fight to rescue Yvaine. This shows that Tristan had become a better person by being selfless to rescue his loved ones. Not only that, but Tristan knew he would be risking his life, but he still continued to fight. This shows a strong sense of bravery and reformation. Therefore, Tristan had evolved from his original self. From these experiences that impact Tristan’s characteristics we can see that

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