Character Analysis Of The 4th Floor

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4th Floor is a comedy-drama television show created by Kaiya Atkinson. The show will be set in a university setting and follows six main characters and four background characters. The purpose of this project is to showcase a realistic representation what can happen when people from different walks of life live in a condensed environment, during a period in their lives where they’re trying to discover who they truly are. This project is extremely important, because the characters each represent a multitude of aspects that challenge hegemonic masculinity - although some characters fall into the toxic masculinity stereotypes. This project will give those who do not see themselves represented in the media, a higher chance to see themselves …show more content…

Each episode will have a runtime of fifty minutes, with the exception of the fifth and tenth episode, which will run for an hour and a half. The first half of the season will mainly focus on the comedy aspect of the show, as the characters are just getting to know each other and the school around them, although there will be some drama aspects present. The second half of the season, though, will mostly focus on the drama aspects, as people show who they really are as the season progresses. Throughout the season, the show will showcase how people going through a fragile period in their lives, away from their families for the first time and in an unknown environment. They will also be going through other things that reflect the real world, such as; racism, different political opinions (in the midst of a presidential election), gender, sexuality, and of course, the norms of masculinity. Furthermore, 4th Floor will be created, for Netflix, but will be produced by Lionsgate Television. The cinematography for the first half of the season will be shot by Brandon Trost, while Stéphane Fontaine will take over for the second half of the season. Two unknown directors are set to direct the show, one directing the first half of the season, and another directing the second half. This is sure to the two parts of the show having a different tone. The creator insists that at least one of the directors be a person of colour, as it is

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