Character Analysis Of The Glies In Lord Of The Flies

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Chapter 1: I think this setting is important because it tells us that the boys will be alone on an uninhabited island. The young school boys range from ages 6-12. Because of this, the boys will have no form of communication and no way of getting home without assistance. By being alone, they’re going to need to learn how to survive and create a system of orders. For example, a leader will be selected and the duties will be given. Among all the boys, the boy named Ralph became leader and gave Jack the position to lead the hunters and explorers around there new environment. Also, the setting plays an important role because their way of life will greatly differ from how they lived back at home, resulting in the need to rely on each other for help and assistance in order to survive. Not only that, but because Jack wanted to become leader, there will be a struggle in power for leadership. That is why the setting will be a major part in there journey returning home.

Chapter 2: If I were Piggy at this point, I would step up among the boys. This is because he is very intelligent and has a clear understanding of most situations involving the boys. Since Piggy is intelligent and has a good mindset he should be more listened to and viewed as a higher rank to Ralph that is leader, Jack who wants to be leader and the Choir because they give him almost no thought. Also, Piggy should be able to give commands to the choir when Ralph or Jack isn’t around. For example when he felt that they
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