Character Analysis Of The Man In A Man's Man

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atmosphere. The internal object relations he would have of his brothers would be a dominating force, speaking over him and pulling “rank” as the older siblings. Additionally, because of his rather secure attachment with his father, Carlos’ internal working model should be positive: “If I struggle, then I will have support”. Because of his status at the “baby” in the family business, Carlos felt spoken over and not paid attention to. This could have lead to an increased severity of his depressive symptoms when they began to manifest. Carlos had to repress a lot of feelings and opinions while working with his brothers and his depressive symptoms reflect the pent-up feelings of worthless and inability to function properly. Carlos felt that he …show more content…

Pretty soon I’ll just be back in the same boat”. Projection is when unwanted feelings are displaced onto another person. Carlos was most likely feeling threatened by his anger towards himself, believing himself to be self-centered and that he’s going to cause himself to undo his progress and worsen his condition. Additionally, Carlos may have no appreciation for what he’s been through and the progress he has made. Carlos is displacing these angry feelings onto his wife’s statements of “why [Carlos] couldn’t do these things before”

DSM-V Rule-Out Diagnosis
Illness Anxiety Disorder; specifier: care-seeking type
A. Preoccupation with having or acquiring a serious illness.
• Carlos is preoccupied with the thought of dying and being diagnosed with a mental illness
• At first, he was preoccupied with having a heart condition
B. Somatic symptoms are not present or, if present, are only mild in intensity. If another medical condition is present or there is a high risk for developing a medical condition (e.g., strong family history is present), the preoccupation is clearly excessive or disproportionate.
• Carlos’ doctor indicated that he did not have a heart condition as his EKG results were normal
• Carlos’ older sister suffers from schizophrenia but his preoccupation with developing schizophrenia is extremely disproportionate and excessive because even with psychologist assurances of Carlos having no schizophrenia symptoms,

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