Character Analysis Of The Movie Matilda

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The movie Matilda (Devito et al, 1996) is about a young girl named Matilda Wormwood who is an exceptionally bright child. She is brought up in an unloving household, verbally abused and not cared for by her parents. She finds a place of peace and comfort in reading books. Her imagination is her only companion, which gives her a sense that she is not completely alone. As Matilda begins her first year of school, her teacher Ms. Honey is in awe, as she discovers Matilda’s brilliant mind, aware of her intellectual gift. Her principle, Ms. Trunchbull, on the other hand, despises Matilda and will do anything to punish her. As Matilda is constantly belittled by her parents and principle, she comes to discover her gift of telekinesis when she’s backlashed with hate. She can no longer take the mistreatment that is put upon on herself, her friends and Ms. Honey, that she uses her new power to her advantage. She comes up with a plan to get her principle back for all the cruel things she has done. Matilda finally finds a parental figure, Ms. Honey, that values her true potential and does not underestimate your intellectual abilities. Ms. Honey adopts Matilda and she finally feels a sense of home, companionship, and unconditional love that she has always longed for. I will be analyzing this film through a developmental lens and exploring the complexities of interactions between children and adults, the importance in believing in children capabilities, and how youth self-regulate in
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