Character Analysis Of The Princess Bride

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Sometimes dubbed a classic by its fans, The Princess Bride, perfectly combines the fantasy of a fairy tale with relatable humor, that can make even the most indifferent, smile. As this movie made its debut in theaters the year 1987, it has been viewed by generations all the while increasing in fans. The movie is led by the narration of Peter Falk, who plays a grandfather who is reading a bedtime story to his grandson. As the narration begins, the movie transitions into a fantasy land where there is a Giant, a fire swamp, and shrieking eels. The story introduces us to the main character, Buttercup, who is a young and beautiful woman who has an optimistic and bright personality. Her love interest, Westley, is a simple and attractive, farm boy who she sees as less than her. However, in a way to mock many fairytales, she falls madly in love with him one day and never looks back. Their love is so strong and unbreakable that when Westly is presumed dead, Buttercup vows to never love again. This is when the audience is introduced to the prince and then king, Humperdinck, who uses his power and tyrannical reputation to control his opposition. Through this narcissistic behavior, he lures Buttercup with a lavish lifestyle and takes her as his wife to be. With her newfound importance, Buttercup becomes a target for a trio of bandits who plan on murdering her to cause a war. Their devious plan is later revealed to have been at the hand of King Humperdinck. Once she is kidnapped,

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